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13C Breath Test Analyzer
DOB -510 13C-Breath Test Analyzer
Designed Just for Children
Technical Data of DOB
1. Application field
The breath test analyser DOB Series is a nondispersive infrared specrometer. It is used for determining the ratio of natural isotopes 13Cand 12C in gases containing CO2.The main application field of the analyser is at the clinics, at the physician's officelaboratories and at gastroenterologists for investigating HP , metabolic processes and diagnosing infectious or metabolic diseases.
2. Technical Data
2.1 General Data
DOB-502, DOB-504, DOB-506, DOB-508, DOB-510,DOB-512, DOB-516
Unit construction:
Table top unit with screwed casing. The analysing unit is hermetically sealed.
Sheet steel housing.
width: 493 mm
depth: 507 mm
height: 224 mm
Weight:13 kg
Gas ports:
Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve or sixteen sample ports for breath bags from which measuring gas is pumped into the analyser; inlet port for rinsing gas and extra gas each; gas outlet.

Technical Data - DOB-510
Electric connections:
Measuring output, signal output and input respectively:
USB or 9-pin serial port (CAN on demand)
Power supply:
Main voltage: 220 VAC (Auto Range) 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: max. 100 VA
Climatic conditions:
Ambient temperature: +15 °C bis +40 °C
Storage and transport temperature: +5 °C bis +45 °C
Relative humidity: < 75 % im Jahresmittel
Operating altitude: -400 bis 2200 meter MSL
2.2 Measuring Data
Measurement components, measurement span:
13CO2: 50-600 ppm
12CO2: 0.5-6.0 %
Linearity of absolute measurement:
assured by adjustment by the manufacturer of the analyser unit and continuously by
software-controlled internal calibration
maximum deviation of the 12COvalue: ±0.2vol%
Precision of a single measurement:
repeatable standard deviation of 
δ (>1vol% CO2): 0.3‰