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Corporate Culture
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 Corporate Aim: Science and technology creating the future. Wisdom light the dream.

 Corporate culture

[Customer culture] The customer is the God, whose demand is our innovative power.

[Honest culture] Honesty is the cornerstone of our company. We stick to the good faith to our customer and our heart.

[Innovative culture] Adapt to change, sticking to innovation and continuous learning.

[Team culture] Mutual assistance, mutual improvement. Ordinary people do extraordinary things. There's no perfect individual, but a perfect team.

[Passion culture] Optimistic, never give up.

[Professional culture] Professional, persistence, making perfection more perfect.

Service aim: The customer is the God, doing best, warming, high-efficiency service for customer with honesty and innovation.

Vision: We will be the leader for 13C-Breath Test in the future. We defend on the spirit of the craftsman in manufacturing industry of China.